Behind the Biz:                               Fairweather Brewing Company

This month, we're excited to highlight Fairweather Brewing Company, a Hamilton gem celebrated for their innovative and delicious beers. 

Fairweather blends community involvement with brewing excellence. Learn more about their story in our Q&A including near-miss locations and outstanding charity efforts. Cheers to exceptional beer and inspiring stories!

Q: What Was the Inspiration Behind Fairweather Brewing Company?
A: The inspiration behind Fairweather Brewing Company was our commitment to making thoughtful flavourful beers that honour the creative spirit and the tradition of brewing. Neither for their own sake, but for the undeniable truth that there is greatness within both approaches. Fairweather brews beers that are meant to be swirled, wafted, clanged together, sipped, shared, gazed at, spoken loudly over, savoured, spilled, and taken everywhere.The name Fairweather is a proud acknowledgment that when things are not at their best, we are uninterested in them.

Q: What’s a Fun Fact about you or your business?
A: Fairweather was almost located in the old Hell's Angels clubhouse in the north end... The one that got away.

Q: What is Your Most Memorable Moment?
A: We closed for 6 weeks at the beginning of COVID, and when we reopened and realized everything was going to be okay, we gave $50K to local charities. That was fun!

And I would like to add pure awesome. It’s incredible seeing companies give back, especially in times of uncertainty like that time was. Make sure you show Fairweather Brewing Company some love by popping in. They have a great space located at 5 Ofield Road Unit #1 in Hamilton where you can enjoy great beer and {get this!} bring your own food to enjoy with it. Pretty amazing and it’s just off the Rail Trail so it's an easy pit stop on any bike ride.  Grab your your favourite people and check them out!