Are House Prices Dropping in Hamilton?

Posted on Aug 11, 2022

With interest rates rising alongside inflation, we know many people are asking and/or wondering if home prices are dropping in Hamilton.

Well, the short answer is yes…and also no.

Confused? Let us explain.

A Quick Recap

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know by now the last couple of years have been (dare we say it) unprecedented. Interest...

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5 Reasons It's a Great Time to Buy

Posted on Jul 30, 2022

At this point, it's likely not news to anyone that the Bank of Canada raised interest rates another point.

If you're a buyer who's been reading or watching the news, you're probably feeling pretty gloomy about your home buying prospects right about now. But that's exactly why we wanted to write this blog post. As much as it may seem hopeless in the...

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How The New Interest Rates Could Actually Help You

Posted on Jul 18, 2022

Woman lays with dog on bed while working on her laptop.Much to the dismay of pretty much everyone, on July 13 the Bank of Canada announced another interest rate hike of 100 basis points to 2.5%.

This is the largest single rate hike since 1998 and more are on the way with the next slated to take place September 7. Sounds scary, we know. But bear with us because it’s not all doom and gloom, we promise.


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Need an introduction to a great REALTOR® in another area in Canada?

Posted on Jun 08, 2022

Below is a list of incredible professional REALTORS® from all across Canada that I know share similar values and business procedures to me.

If you are in need of someone great to either help you buy or sell a home, please be sure to contact me and I can get you introduced to one of my trusted partners below.

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5 Home Projects to Outsource

Posted on Mar 27, 2020

We live in a DIY world. If there is a video online for how to do something, there’s a good chance you can figure out how to do it. While saving money by doing certain projects yourself can be rewarding in many different ways, there are some projects that should be left to the professionals. Unless you have training in specific fields, these 5 thing...

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Is It Time to Update Your Bathroom?

Posted on Mar 20, 2020

Just like your bedroom, your bathroom should be a relaxing place. Whether you unwind in the shower or with a hot bath, making sure your bathroom is a place of comfort and not stress is key to making your home a happier place. Because it is a room you will definitely spend time in every single day, these signs might indicate that it is time for some...

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