Behind the Biz: Q & A with Maisy's Pearl

This month, we’re featuring a restaurant that has become well known for its savoury seafood, shucking prowess and overall awesome atmosphere:Read more about Maisy’s Pearl and Owner/Professional Oyster Shucker, David Burns below:

Q: What Was the Inspiration Behind Maisy’s Pearl?

 My inspiration to start this business was to educate the community on the misconceptions when enjoying oysters. We love to provide an experience and feel it’s best when the guest is educated on where the oyster is from and when it's opened clean and pristine….I've dedicated the better part of my life perfecting my craft to make sure that every oyster I/we open is in flawless condition for [the guests] experience. The oyster farmers keep these little bundles of joy alive and well and I'm the last person to touch the oyster before it gets consumed, so I want every experience to be the same. Perfect! The oyster itself [is] a filter feeder and cleans our oceans, it's also one of the most sustainable things on the planet. [I] have a great deal of respect for the oyster and the farmer so I want every experience to be the best, always!! 

Q: What’s a Fun Fact?

Oysters can consume up to 50 gallons of water a day!!! They also don't have a central nervous system and humans would be the natural predator. The health benefits of oysters are off the charts, but my favourite is the high zinc content, one oyster is your zinc intake for the day, but most people consume a dozen or more at a time and guess what the Zinc is good for?!?! We'll let the mind wonder with this question! 

Q: What is Your Most Memorable Moment?
My most memorable moment or I suppose my favourite is that I knew that we would have some success with our little business but it's going incredibly well, and the community trusts us and keep coming back day after day. It really warms my heart to see the amount of people coming in each and every day and are really enjoying everything we're offering!! It's a feeling that can't be described and makes me love what I do every day!! Thank you, Hamilton! Pop into Maisy’s Pearl at 342 Barton Street East or click on the photo above or the link below for more information about the restaurant and its shuckingly good menu!