Behind the Biz - Beyond the Batter

Kelly Paxton is a force! Not only does she run a bakery on Stoney Creek Mountain that smells so heavenly, you’ll think you’re IN heaven when you enter, but also manages to be a mom to 8 kids! Talk about an inspiration!

From an early age, Kelly knew she was meant to be an entrepreneur. Coupled with a passion (and obvious talent) for baking, owning a bakery seemed like a natural fit. 
But like most entrepreneurial stories, her journey hasn’t always been easy. Especially considering she started the business when her (then) four children were ages 6, 4, 18 months and 6 months old. 
Despite being a busy mom, Kelly said she knew “it was the right time to open a bakery. At the time, finding a fresh baked from scratch bakery was almost impossible so I knew I had to jump before the bakery revolution started.”
Jump she did. And while it’s worked out well for her, she said opening day was full of nerves.
“I was so nervous that nobody would come but shockingly they did.  We have regular customers who have been coming for all of their occasions or just for a treat ever since that day. It is amazing the dedication of our loyal customers who have supported us over the past 15 years.”
Many of those customers were also loyal throughout the pandemic, said Kelly. “It was especially amazing through Covid to see them all line up no matter the weather outside and wait for our treats!!”
Thankfully, this neighbourhood favourite has continued to flourish and Kelly says that is also in large part because of the support she has at the bakery. “As my business has grown so has my family. Six of my eight children have or still do work in my bakeries.  The other two are 3 year old twins so I’m sure one day they will work there too.  It is a true family business.  My mother also helps me out on busy holidays and my aunt worked for me in her retirement until she passed.  I also have employees who feel like family. It’s truly amazing.”
Dare we say, almost as amazing as the treats themselves?
Pop in to 1791 Stone Church Rd E. today to experience the delight for yourself!